Easy Way Homes

Easy Way Homes

The Easy Way Group of companies is a family based private company with its key members providing a wealth of experience across a diverse range of activities such as Finance, Banking, Farming, Land Development, Construction and Marketing.

This combination of knowledge and experience joining together with a common goal has created a dynamic force and formed the cornerstone of this unique group of companies.

Design and construction of residential dwellings and the creation of unique residential developments have been the key focus of Easy Way since its inception. It’s knowledge, experience and commitment to the housing and land market is exemplified by the ability to consistently provide the best quality, at the lowest prices, during all economic cycles.

The desired outcome is to create liveable communities that are loved for their uniqueness and ability to champion the natural environment and human spirit.

The Easy Way Group is committed to providing quality from concept to completion and to ensure that we always remain on track we have drawn up a series of guidelines against which every decision we make is judged. Our Guidelines
• Achieving the best outcome is more important than achieving the best profit
• We are responsible as caretakers of the land for the next generation
• We will maintain a high standard of ethics and dealing honestly and fairly with our customers, sub-trades, suppliers and business associates.

As a family company we understand that our most precious resource is our people, and we are vitally aware that the only way we can continue to deliver the quality of product on which our reputation is based is to have the best team