First-home buyers are in need of heroes: Can we count you in?

First-home buyers are in need of heroes: Can we count you in?

The new Federal Government initiatives ‘alone’ may not be enough. The proposed saving-for-a-deposit idea is helpful, but does not serve as an immediate solution. Greater industry-collaborative efforts are required to provide an immediate solution, because…

  1. First-home buyers deserve a break;
  2. We believe first-home ownership impacts on our social-fabric; and
  3. It will provide healthy growth for our economy.

“Holistic community participation in, real estate and its many benefits, is great for first-home buyers and our economy”

One of our heroes

In my opinion, Sir Robert Menzies [Housing Policy 1963] was one of our heroes; please click here to read his vision/ actions that transformed Australia’s housing affordability and helped make us… Australia the lucky country.


Can we count you in?

Are you sympathetic towards first-home buyers’ quest to own their own home? Are you concerned about our community, social, or economic systems? Do you want to give first-home buyers’ a break? If so, join our team / program to help more first-home buyers attain their dream sooner [click here to learn more / join the team].


An immediate solution

AffordAssist provides an alternative to the required upfront cash deposit.

AffordAssist is an affordability program exclusively for first-home buyers, providing the much-needed deposit solution. First-home buyers can buy a property with no-deposit.

Background | Housing affordability crisis

The first-home owner market has been in decline for the past 10 years! Currently at around 14%. This is too low, impacting on our social-fabric and economy.

Our economy has shifted, possibly neglecting the key civil and fundamental right of all Australians, our great Australian dream. As evident by the continuing decline in first-home ownership. Now in crisis! Risking the great Australian dream of owning a home and impacting our social-fabric and economy.

Home ownership is more than the four walls, it represents:

  • family safety/ stability;
  • increased dignity;
  • mental health;
  • breaking free from renting;
  • building wealth, equity and financial options such as: education; health; funding a new small business; charity/ assistance to family members; and, nest-egg for retirement; and
  • overall, less financial burden on our social systems.

The economic shift is causing many to miss-out. “If this is not resolved it will become a major community, social and economic problem.”

Join the team | Core values

If your business model shares our core values, we invite you to work with us, to increase first-home ownership in Australia.

  • Industry working as a team, alongside government initiatives, with a purpose of assisting first-home buyers.
  • Fostering consumer protection, adhering to unwavering integrity through the AffordAssist program.
  • Fair industry fees that Support an open ‘property-marketplace’ platform and a low fixed flat-fee per sale.

The opportunity

The estimated market for first-home buyers is around 20% of the owner-occupier market: Representing 63,000 buyers per year. 300 buyers per day!

Program governance

The AffordAssist program is designed to be fair for both the seller and buyer and includes a number of consumer protections:

  • Fair pricing model;
  • Independent Property Review (IPR); and
  • Serviceability assurance.

The following may apply

  • Developers;
  • Listing agents;
  • Real estate agents / Buyers’ agents;
  • Property managers;
  • Financial planners;
  • Mortgage brokers;
  • Accountants;
  • Paid-per-results lead generators; and
  • Switching careers (earn and learn).

References/ Links

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  2. Social And Affordable Housing; What Is The Moral Strategy?

Click here to join the team / learn more about helping first-home buyers attain their dream.

Posted by: Anthony Aoun