This section is for industry professionals wanting to know more about working with AffordAssist. If your business model shares our core values, we invite you to work with us, to increase first-home ownership in Australia.

By combining our efforts we may assist more first-home buyers out of the crisis: Thus providing a positive impact for first-home buyers, our social-fabric and economy.


Core values

  • Industry working as a team, alongside government initiatives, with a purpose of assisting first-home buyers
  • Fostering consumer protection: Adhering to unwavering integrity through the AffordAssist program
  • Fair industry fees: Supporting an open ‘property-marketplace’ platform and a low fixed flat-fee per sale 

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The opportunity

The estimated market for first-home buyers is around 20% of the owner-occupier market: Representing 63,000 sales per year. 300 sales per day!

Whats on offer?

  1. Proprietary agreements
  2. Access to AffordAssist properties: Free via PropertyCompass® | Click  here to open a free account or login
    • Co-agency / marketing fess: Co-agency flat-fees are payable for introducing buyers. AffordAsist works on a low flat-fee per property sale, irrespective of the sale price.
  3. List with AffordAssist: Deveopers / agents; serve ‘more’ first-home buyers.
  4. Referring buyers to you: You may receive referrals from;
  5. Professionals: The following professions / services may apply
    • Developers
    • Listing agents
    • Real estate agents / Buyer’s agents
    • Financial services
      • Financial planners
      • Mortgage brokers
      • Accountants
    • Legal representatives (solicitors)
  6. Governance and managing the process: AffordAssist manges the process to ensure program integrity for all stakeholders.
    • Consumer and seller protections
    • Trust account: The buyer deposits and agency fees (commissions) will be managed (receipted and disbursed to all stake holders) by Confidis. Refer
    • Consumer service standards: AffordAssist is ultimately guided by the service experience the buyer received from the industry professionals. Please note: Your agreement with AffordAssist, including co-branding, may be revoked by AffordAssist should your business model or service delivery be inconsistent with our core values and / or AffordAssist receives adverse feedback on your services.

Get approved | Join the team

Approval includes:

  1. Professional training; key competencies; completing the AffordAssist – Skills Assessment; set of policies and procedures to offer the AffordAssist program.
  2. Kudos, your brand/ company details can be listed here:
  3. Endorsement symbol, you may use our AffordAssist approved symbol, on your stationary, office window, events and website etc. 
  4. Content for web page, introducing your affordable housing services; ask us for the HTML code.


Terms and conditions apply | Click here to download team member PDF | Contact us for a personal presentation