Property Sellers


This page is for property sellers, you:

  • May want to help a family member; or
  • May be experiencing financial difficulty and want a quick sale; or
  • Bought off-the-plan; now distressed; cannot settle/ forced to forfeit your cash-deposit; or
  • Simply cannot sell your property via traditional methods (auction etc); or
  • May want to reduce your selling costs/ agency fees; or
  • Maybe sympathetic to give a first-home buyer a break!

Using the AffordAssist proprietary Deferred Deposit Agreement (DDA) you are able to offer your property for sale to a first-home buyer.

Your moral position maybe sympathetic to give a first-home buyer a break! Thus allowing holistic community participation in real estate and its many benefits. Refer to: Housing affordability crisis



A deposit solution

AffordAssist is an affordability program exclusively for first-home buyers; providing the much-needed deposit solution: First-home buyers can buy a property with no-deposit: 

  • A proprietary Deferred Deposit Agreement (DDA) may vary between 3%-25% of the property purchase price;
  • DDA is an agreement between the seller/buyer;
  • Has no application, mandate or interest charges;
  • The LVR, considering the buyer minimum cash contributions, is estimated to be less than 90%;
  • Applicable for all property types and land; and
  • It provides the seller and buyer with protection.

The opportunity

The estimated market for first-home buyers is around 20% of the owner-occupier market: Representing 63,000 sales per year. 300 sales per day!

Marketing your property

The program offers property sellers the following options:

  1. Work with AffordAssist to procure first-home buyers: Fixed low flat-fee per sale. AffordAssist also works with approved professionals to maximize sales opportunities; refer TeamWork page. The platforms include:
  2. DIY: Find your first-home buyers through unlimited agents / marketing channels: Make known to these channels that you would like to sell a property with AffordAssist, using proprietary Deferred Deposit Agreement (DDA) and AffordAssist will grant use of the DDA for a ‘low flat-fee’.

Trust account

The buyer deposits and agency fees (commissions) will be managed (receipted and disbursed to all stake holders) by

Value proposition

  • DIY or Low flat-fee per sale
  • Savings on marketing and selling fees per sale
  • Quicker unconditional sales
  • Build cash fund
  • Personal kudos. Assist to resolve the affordability crisis with more owner occupier sales. Positive social impact


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