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March 17


06:30 pm - 08:00 pm

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Seminar room - Good Luck Plaza

4 Mount St, Mount Druitt, NSW 2770

Mount Druitt, NSW, AU, 2770

Featuring: Nº1 Zoe Luxury Apartments Mt Druitt, built by T1 Constructions

You can spend your time – and waste rent money – waiting for the perfect conditions… Or learn if you can start with what you have.

AffordAssist can help you design the Fast-Track to your first home purchase with as little as $10,000 (less in regional locations)

About AffordAssist

Using our expertise in property and finance, our team at AffordAssist help match Australia’s population of potential First Home Buyers with a home loan that meets their needs.

What most First Home Buyers AREN’T aware of is that you don’t need a 5%, 10% or 20% deposit.

AffordAssist can help you design the Fast-Track to your first home purchase with a Micro-Deposit of as little as $10,000.

Join us at our FREE PRESENTATION, where we share exciting insights about how you can start repaying your loan and potentially save TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on unnecessary rental payments.

Sounds too good to be true? Owning your great Australian dream YEARS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE is possible with www.affordassist.com


Will cover market overview, the AffordAssist program, the Government Grants currently available; FHOG $10,000 (no stamp duty) and

FEATURING: Nº1 Zoe Luxury Apartments Mt Druitt, built by T1 Constructions


1 Zoe Pl, Mount Druitt NSW

How can you determine if the builder of the project you’re interest in has a reputation for delivering a quality product? One approach is to research who the industry trusts. This is why AffordAssist is excited to be partnering with T1 Constructions.

From day one, First Home Buyers have been able to enter the market sooner with a Micro Deposit of as little as $10,000. The more we assist, the more we grow.

As we help more buyers achieve an early market entry, the news of our mission spreads and the network of property professionals who are keen to assist First Home Buyers continues to expand.

Hotel builder is constructing luxury apartments in a central location

Delivering sophisticated projects of exceptional quality, T1 Constructions is a trusted builder proudly associated with the Marriott and Sheraton Hotels. The construction of a great hotel must prove durable and reliable with a high level of use over the long term, while reflecting an insight into global design trends.

Assuring end-to-end quality control, T1 Construction uses concrete for internal and external walls, and skilfully manufactures select building elements in its own factory. The result is an affordable home that’s built better than most across Australia, one that you will be proud to sell or pass on when the time comes.

Now you can purchase your first home at Nº1 Zoe Luxury Apartments Mt Druitt, a building erected with construction principles of hotel-standard with project highlights that include:

  • – clean master workmanship assuring immediate visual appeal
  • – concrete external walls for aesthetic appeal and long-term durability
  • – concrete internal walls for increased strength and sound-proofing between apartments
  • – steel entry doors and aluminium window frames for heightened sound-proofing and security
  • – bathroom shower uses innovative pan instead of regular low-cost water proofing method
  • – ducted air conditioning and an impressive schedule of finishes

Select a floor plan that matches your lifestyle and move into your new home when the project is due to be completed in mid 2022.

1 bed from $399,000

2 bed from $499,000

3 bed from $599,000

Remember! If you are currently paying rent while saving towards your deposit…

You don’t need a 5%, 10% or 20% deposit

You can buy with a Micro Deposit of as little as $10,000

Are you ready to learn if you are eligible for AffordAssist?


Wednesday: 6:30pm for a 7pm start

Saturday: 2pm for a 2:30pm start


Seminar room

Good Luck Plaza, 4 Mount St, Mount Druitt NSW 2770


Display Suite / Seminar room – Good Luck Plaza, is a 10 minute walk from Mount Druitt Railway Station: Click here for Google map link

If driving, ample free onsite parking.


Any questions you have about buying your first home in Australia

Pen and notepad, or tablet to take notes

You are welcome to bring any family or friends who will be helping you in your property journey. For catering purposes, please ensure they also register for this event


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