Sydney CBD Seminar | Property + AffordAssist: The Fast-Track to Wealth


Conference Room

Level 26 44 Market St, Sydney, NSW 2000

Sydney, NSW, AU, 2000

Join us to over LUNCH and learn what really makes property increase in value …The REAL SECRETS

You can spend your time – and waste rent money – waiting for the perfect conditions… Or learn if you can start with what you have.

AffordAssist can help you design the Fast-Track to your first home purchase with as little as $10,000 or Investment with as little as $20k

About AffordAssist

Using our expertise in property and finance, our team at AffordAssist help match Australia’s population of potential First Home Buyers with a home loan that meets their needs.

What most First Home Buyers AREN’T aware of is that you don’t need a 5%, 10% or 20% deposit.

AffordAssist can help you design the Fast-Track to your first home purchase with a Micro-Deposit of as little as $10,000.

Join us at our FREE PRESENTATION, where we share exciting insights about how you can start repaying your loan and potentially save TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on unnecessary rental payments.

Sounds too good to be true? Owning your great Australian dream YEARS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE is possible with www.affordassist.com


Regardless of: timing, discount, location, aspect or other clever strategies, you ultimately have to be in the market to benefit from the compound-growth and the power of leveraging your cash deposit.

Join us to learn what really makes property increase in value …the real secrets

We look forward to explaining how with AffordAssist you don’t need a 5%, 10% or 20% deposit:

  • you can purchase your first-home with as little as $10,000 OR
  • Investment with as little as $20k


N°5 George | 5-9 George St Blacktown NSW

Nº1 ZOE | 1 Zoe Pl, Mount Druitt NSW

OFFER: invest with as little as 20k and receive 4% rental assurance for 2 years


Tuesday: 12:00 noon

Start: 12:15pm

Finish: 12:45pm

Back in your office before 1pm


AffordAssist Conference Room, Level 26, 44 Market Street Sydney


A selection of cut sandwiches, cakes, fruit and water will be provided.


Please book early, as we have limited space within the conference room. 8 people only.


44 Market Street, is a 5 minute walk from Town Hall Railway Station: Click here for Google map link


Any questions you have about buying your first home in Australia

Pen and notepad, or tablet to take notes

You are welcome to bring any family or friends who will be helping you in your property journey. For catering purposes, please ensure they also register for this event


If you have any questions about the Fast-Track into your future prosperity, you can visit our website CLICK HERE


You can schedule a call with one of our team members CLICK HERE

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