AffordAssist Works With Private Sellers, Developers & Real Estate Agents

Ask us about our growing pool of potential Buyers, or our strategy for helping your existing sales that are struggling to settle

AffordAssist Works With Private Sellers, Developers & Real Estate Agents

Ask us about our growing pool of potential Buyers, or our strategy for helping your existing sales that are struggling to settle

Are You Satisfied With Your Level Of Buyer Interest?

Picture them… All of the potential First Home Buyers out there, renting right now while saving for their deposit. When you list your property with AffordAssist, we can plug you into Australia’s fastest growing database of potential First Home Buyers.

Call us today. We might have the Buyer you are looking for

Are You Struggling To Settle?

Developers and Real Estate Agents – even seasoned Private Sellers – may have had the misfortune of experiencing this in the past. You invest serious time and money in a long sales campaign and believe you have found your Buyer. Their finances appear to be in order, but Their Lender undervalues the property, leaving the Buyer with a critical shortfall in funding that results in a settlement crash.

A bank undervaluing a property can be fatal to a sale. This is a stressful scenario for both Sellers and Buyers, with the latter in danger of losing their deposit and the possibility of frightening and expensive legal action just around the corner. In some instances, these lead to financial ruin.

AffordAssist can help Sellers in the critical moments when a settlement is expected to crash due to an undervaluation. AffordAssist is the ideal program to help You and the Buyer manage the shortfall. We create a proprietary agreement between You and the Buyer for payment of the shortfall, then match your Buyer with a new Lending Partner.

If you are expecting a settlement to fail, ask us how we can help

What Properties Are Eligible?

This program includes all residential property types. Off the plan, brand-new or previously lived-in, including:









House & Land

Private Sellers

Changes in your personal situation or the market might have you thinking about selling your home or investment property. Whether you want to access our pool of qualified First Time Buyers, or if you are speaking with your own First Home Buyer, AffordAssist can help increase your chances of a sale.

If the First Time Buyer you have in mind is a family member or friend, AffordAssist can provide what you need in governance. This will assure peace of mind for both parties, which goes a long way to sustaining healthy personal relationships.

If your property is an investment, do you know if your tenant is currently saving to purchase their first home? They may be eligible for AffordAssist – the ideal program to help that tenant buy your home.

“With investor activity easing and attractive incentives becoming available in NSW and VIC, there has been a rebound in borrowing by First Home Buyers over the past year”
Core Logic


Which segment of the market is taking up most of your time? A singular focus on investor sales may be limiting your growth in the long term. In light of the increased activity of First Time Buyers in the market, AffordAssist is ideally positioned to help you capitalise on their growing confidence.

Having multiple sales channels increases the longevity of your business. While you focus on your database of investors, we can be calling you with leads from our pool of First Home Buyers. You select the stock you want to make available to the program and continue with your business while we work in the background.

We Help You:


Make Sales

Even one listing per development will make a difference for First Home Buyers and your bottom line


Complete Settlements

And if a sale is about to fall over due to a bank undervaluation, contact AffordAssist

Real Estate Agents

Your Real Estate Agency is in a key position of influence to help improve market fairness for First Home Buyers. Beyond an ethical alliance, AffordAssist provides a model designed to expand your business beyond your current customer profiles.

Offer your Sellers an additional sales solution exclusively for First Home Buyers. Along the Fast-Track to helping First Time Buyers realise their dream of home ownership, we can match your brand with:

Become An Approved Partner

We are on a mission to increase the rate of First Home ownership in Australia. Working smarter, harder and together, we can influence a positive impact on the housing market, the economy and our social fabric.

Our Core Values

When you align with us, we offer process governance, proprietary agreements, access to AffordAssist properties, and access to our pool of potential buyers, and more.  Contact us to discuss the benefits.   

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AffordAssist is an affordable housing program specifically designed to meet the needs of first-home buyers. It is a corporate solution offered alongside government initiatives with a single purpose to increase first-home ownership in Australia.

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