The great Australian dream, is now possible, for everyone.

…how? By providing a solution for the biggest barrier to
getting a property and a loan. The deposit. Solved.

The great Australian dream, is now possible, for everyone.

…how? By providing a solution for the biggest barrier to
getting a property and a loan. The deposit. Solved.

AffordAssist Is Life Changing

Real estate values are increasing at a greater rate than household incomes. Making saving for a deposit increasingly more difficult, even impossible.

Our economy has shifted, possibly neglecting the key civil and fundamental right of all Australians. Putting at risk the great Australian dream of owning a home, impacting on our social-fabric and economy.

Considering such market conditions: The current landscape; moving forward and more than ever first-home buyer’s need a solution like AffordAssist to get into home ownership.

For some, AffordAssist is life changing. 

AffordAssist Deferred Deposit Solution

AffordAssist is your new way to buy today, defer and pay the deposit later.

So how does AffordAssist do this? By providing an innovative Deferred Deposit Solution (DDA) between the property seller and buyer for the amount needed to secure a loan.

defer / verb
put off (an action or event) to a later time; postpone.

Put simply, AffordAssist replaces the need for the full cash deposit. You can buy today with an initial part-deposit and pay the balance of the deposit typically within 60 months, and always without interest.

You will have 100% ownership of the title.

How AffordAssist Makes It Possible

AffordAssist offers an innovative property-deposit and loan-deposit solution for buyers wanting to enter the market today.

You, the buyer

Your eligibility to secure a loan is based on your (and if applicable that of your property purchase partner’s) annual income.

Approved properties

AffordAssist replaces the need for the typical 10% cash deposit required by the property seller with a proprietary Deferred Deposit Agreement (DDA), which may be used for all or part-of the deposit and includes a no-interest payment plan. AffordAssist also offers a list of approved properties.

Approved lenders and mortgage brokers can offer loans of up to 90% of the property value and know all about AffordAssist

Approved lenders and mortgage brokers know AffordAssist can be used for all or part-of the deposit when assessing eligibility and maximum property budget and they know how to process AffordAssist applications. All assessments are at arm’s length and follow lenders’ duty of care.


AffordAssist’s governance process includes a program solicitor that advises you about the deposit payment, thus protecting you, other stakeholders and the longevity of the program.


AffordAssist  are the program managers, helping you from your initial call to the time you receive the keys to your new home.

AffordAssist continues to procure new lenders and to expand the list of approved properties Australia wide.


Title Ownership 

AffordAssist IS NOT

Am I Eligible?

Our eligibility process:

Approved Properties

AffordAssist is designed to include all residential property types. Off the plan, brand-new or previously lived-in. Select from the AffordAssist approved properties list. The fee for this comprehensive service is generally paid by the property seller.

Where the current list of AffordAssist approved properties does not meet with your present needs, may we suggest that you continue pursuing your dream of home ownership via:

  • AffordAssist Buyer’s Agent. The option to engage an AffordAssist approved buyers agent to work with you to source a suitable property, for a prepaid flat fee.
  • DIY. You will find your own property. AffordAssist team member will offer free phone assistance.

Does Your Situation Sound Like Any Of These?

You want to break free from renting and own your own home. You have some savings and want to select a property from the AffordAssist approved list 

You have found (DIY) your dream home, one that perfectly suits your lifestyle and budget. You are only part way to saving your deposit amount and the property sellers has agreed to AffordAssist the balance. 

You saved your deposit, chose your home and were on track to settle, until the bank undervalued the property. Now you need to cover the shortfall or risk losing your deposit, and time is running out.

If any of these three scenarios sounds like your situation, please contact us

Try Our Calculators To See Your Incredible Savings and how affordable your first home could be:

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AffordAssist is an affordable housing program specifically designed to meet the needs of first-home buyers. It is a corporate solution offered alongside government initiatives with a single purpose to increase first-home ownership in Australia.

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