Enabling lenders to increase the size of their loan book responsibly by qualifying more applicants

By becoming an AffordAssist Approved Lender, together we can help our Next Generation into home ownership. Sometimes, things do change for the better.

‘Here is an enthusiastic First Home Buyer who is qualified for your lending services…’

Just sit back for a minute and imagine… How many First Time Buyers are out there right now with a partial deposit? Are you confident that they will still be thinking of your brand in three or four years’ time when they have saved their full deposit?

Don’t let that buyer become someone else’s client. You can choose which of your lending services you want to make available to our qualified First Home Buyers.

Become an approved AffordAssist Lender and start offering an Affordable Deposit Solution.

It has always been about the DEPOSIT

Housing Affordability is an Australian Legacy

One of our housing affordability heroes is Sir Robert Menzies and of course the government at that time introduced; Housing Policy in 1963 which included Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI). This provided a lender the means to protect the loan funds for loans above 80% LVR. And for a buyer to purchase with less than 20% deposit.

In our view, this was and still remains one of the greatest deposit solutions for housing affordability.

AffordAssist provides a present-day deposit SOLUTION

We too have the view that it is not for a lender to resolve the deposit shortfall. This is a strong, but fair comment. AffordAssist deposit solution is a community centric approach.

AffordAssist provides a proven present-day deposit solution; a proprietary Deferred Deposit Agreement (DDA) between the property seller and buyer for the amount needed to secure a loan. …without increasing risk to the 1st mortgage lender. Yes, sometimes, things do change for the better 

Put simply, AffordAssist replaces the need for the full cash deposit, making it possible for purchasers to buy today with an initial part-deposit and to pay the balance of the deposit most typically within 60 months, and always without interest. Property purchasers will have 100% ownership of the title.

The great Australian dream of home ownership is now possible, for everyone. Helping Our Next Generation into home ownership directly impacts on our social-fabric and economy.

With AffordAssist all settlements may be possible.

Join our panel. Become an approved AffordAssist Lender by offering AffordAssist Deferred Deposit Home loans.

Managing Risk

A Home Loan with an AffordAssist Deferred Deposit can reduce mortgage stress by reducing the loan amount and thousands on interest payments. And is very likely to yield less risk. Because…

AffordAssist proven governance and core service fundamentals may be likened to Credit Risk Transfer (CRT) thus positioning the service as a viable home loan deposit solution for a lender. 

AffordAssist governance process personifies longevity: It is not just about buying the property it is also about keeping it, thus clients being in the best position to create generational wealth and, buy another property.

NO Home Loan should be settled without AffordAssist. Please contact us for details.

Value to your brand and loan book

Overlay the following against your actual business to estimate the real value; noting potential for improving efficiencies into commercial outcomes. Additionally a new untapped market to increase the mortgage market pie by offering AffordAssist deferred deposit home loans.

With AffordAssist you will:

Improving efficiencies and procuring new clients may result in billions of dollars. Specifically for your brand with AffordAssist, is the bottom line 10% better off or more?

Become an AffordAssist Approved Mortgage Broker

In a way, AffordAssist has started a new industry phrase… Deferred Deposit Home Loans

Being accredited with AffordAssist means: Tapping into an existing-demand of applicants with an income BUT without the full-cash deposit. And, for those looking to exploit the opportunity… 

AffordAssist offers to selected and higher skilled mortgage brokers the AffordAssist Approved status and symbol. 

Suitable for mortgage brokers that are seeking to tap into an existing-demand of applicants (AffordAssist guesstimate 450,000 per year) with an income BUT without the full-cash deposit by offering the AffordAssist Deferred Deposit Solution. Rather than applicants being forced to rent, may otherwise be locked out for several years, use expensive 2nd mortgage finance or select Shared Equity potentially losing up to 30% of the gained equity.

AffordAssist Approved Lenders

AffordAssist help with the first home buyer deposit. Replace the need for the typical cash deposit with our innovative deferred deposit solution. AffordAssist is your new way to buy your first home today, defer and pay the deposit later.

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AffordAssist is an affordable housing program specifically designed to meet the needs of first-home buyers. It is a corporate solution offered alongside government initiatives with a single purpose to increase first-home ownership in Australia.

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