Liberty & Shingirai

AffordAssist First Home Buyer Success Story

Liberty & Shingirai - Success Story

Their Words

“When we asked AffordAssist to help us, we were surprised by the number of homes that fell within our buying range. This program has allowed me to buy my first home, without having to struggle to raise the full deposit. AffordAssist helped me to get into the market faster than I ever expected.”

Their Story

Born in Zimbabwe, Liberty believed Australia could provide a better environment for his young family and moved here in 2017. He works with the State Rail Authority and commutes into the city every day from Stanhope Gardens. In 2018 he began researching his dream of entering the property market and he found AffordAssist online.

Partnering with a Developer within their network, AffordAssist were able to present a variety of properties that matched Liberty’s buying range in Windsor, Schofields and Ropes Crossing. And while Liberty received conditional approval for a loan of $780,000, he opted to keep his Buying Range within $600,000, to benefit from the First Home Buyers Grant and waiving of Stamp Duty. Liberty’s savings of $10,000 were supplemented by the First Home Buyers Grant of $10,000 and placed in a trust account. AffordAssist then provided the agreement allowing Liberty to repay the balance of the deposit directly to the Developer. A Lending Partner who joined the network in 2019 proved to be the right match for Liberty’s Fast-Track.

June 2018

Called AffordAssist

June 2018

Assessed & Qualified for AffordAssist Program

June 2018

Finalised Property

May 2019

Approved For Home Loan

June 2019

Will Settle & Receive Keys

Their Fast Track

With Deposit Savings of $10,000, Liberty & Shingirai entered the home market 41 months earlier than their original plan. This has saved them up to $79,773 in Rental Payments and has set them on the Fast-Track for Potential Future Wealth.

Deposit Needed

3 bedroom, 4 level townhouse (with basement 2 car garage) purchased for $550,000

Time Saved

Original plan was to save 10% deposit. While paying rent, it would have taken 41 months to save the balance of the $55,000

Rental Payments Saved

Based on monthly rent of $1,950

Potential Future Wealth

Growth estimates are based on a compound rate of 3%

*A word of caution: Future predictions cannot be determined by past performance, for any asset class.

We urge you to always do your own research before you make any financial decisions.

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AffordAssist help with the first home buyer deposit. Replace the need for the typical cash deposit with our innovative deferred deposit solution. AffordAssist is your new way to buy your first home today, defer and pay the deposit later.

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