Maricar & Servillano

AffordAssists First Time Home Buyer Success Story

First Home Buyers Success Stories

Their Words

“When I called AffordAssist I was delighted to have all of my questions answered and I realised that this program was offering exactly what it proposed in the advertisement with no hidden catches. Many of us have the capacity to service a loan but just haven’t saved up the deposit. AffordAssist is simply the best way to break free from renting.” - Maricar

Their Story

Hoping to create a prosperous future for their two young children, Maricar and Servillano left their home in the Philippines and moved to Australia in 2011. When the children are at school, Maricar works as a finance manager in a construction industry and Servillano is a tradesman. They were intent on buying their first home, but trying to save for their deposit while raising their family and paying rent, that dream always seemed to be somewhere years in the future. But that all changed when Servillano saw a Facebook post about AffordAssist.

Later that day, when Maricar called AffordAssist to learn more about the program, she was so satisfied with the answers to all of her questions that her and Servillano asked to inspect properties that same weekend. AffordAssist showed them a number of properties, including one that would ultimately become their first home. It is a split-level townhouse-style apartment in Ropes Crossing with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two car spots. Priced at $480,000, this brand-new apartment provided everything they wanted. Their Micro Deposit of $10,000 was supplemented by the First Home Buyers Grant of $10,000 and placed in a trust account. AffordAssist then provided the Deferred Deposit Agreement, allowing them to repay the balance of the deposit directly to the Developer. Two months after seeing that Facebook post, they moved into their new home. Buying their first home and welcoming a newborn to their family assures that 2019 will be a year that Maricar and Servillano with treasure for the rest of their lives.

August 2019

Called AffordAssist

August 2019

Assessed & Qualified for AffordAssist Program

August 2019

Finalised Property

September 2019

Approved For Home Loan

October 2019

Settled & Received Keys

Their Fast Track

With a Micro Deposit of $10,000 and the $10,000 First Home Buyers Grant, Maricar & Servillano entered the home market 40 months earlier than their original plan. This has saved them up to $80,000 in Rental Payments and has set them on the Fast-Track for Potential Future Wealth.

Deposit Needed

AffordAssist Deposit $10,000 + First Home Buyers Grant $10,000 = $20K deposit to start


Time Saved

Based on savings per month of $700


Rental Payments Saved

Based on monthly rent of $2,000

Potential Future Wealth

Growth estimates are based on a potential growth rate of 5%

*A word of caution: Future predictions cannot be determined by past performance, for any asset class.

We urge you to always do your own research before you make any financial decisions.

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