First-Home Buyer

It is not your fault!

Australia’s first-home ownership is at a historic low. Indisputable fact. Real estate values are increasing at a greater rate than household incomes. Making saving for a deposit increasingly more difficult.

Government initiatives ‘alone’ are simply not enough; refer to post: Social And Affordable Housing; What Is The Moral Strategy? This means that the longer you wait to buy your first-home the more difficult it will become.

AffordAssist Solution

AffordAssist is an affordability program exclusively for first-home buyers.

Assisting you…
into your first-home
into a home loan
into a brand new property

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Property matching service | finding your first-home

The program offers first-home buyers the following options:

  1. AffordAssist is a free service that helps you find your first-home. It includes a selection of available properties: Locations maybe limited. AffordAssist may also refer you to an independent professional; OR,
  2. DIY. Source your property in unlimited locations. Make known to a listing agent or developer that you would like to buy the property with AffordAssist program.

Trust account (optional)

  • If you opt to make a payment/ deposit towards the property: These funds will be managed by
  • You may also use for additional savings to be used for settlement: Reducing the loan and improving your equity

Reasons for optimism

  • Family safety/ stability
  • Break free from renting
  • Build wealth:
    • Make payments toward your own-home and use capital growth to build equity, giving you financial options for:
      • education
      • open a new small business
      • travel
      • funding your retirement
  • Applicable on all residential property types including land, townhouses, apartments, off-the-plan and home and land packages

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