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Offer your property sellers an additional sales solution exclusively for first-home buyers

Help your tenants break free from renting; AffordAssit provides an alternative to the required upfront cash deposit. First-home buyers can buy a property with no-deposit.


The opportunity

The estimated market for first-home buyers is around 20% of the owner-occupier market: Representing 63,000 sales per year. 300 sales per day!


Make more sales!

The AffordAssist program offers agents the following options:

  1. Join the team [click here]
    • Access to AffordAssist properties
    • List with AffordAssist
  2. DIY
    • Keep your listings exclusive
    • Market to your tenants
      • Simply introduce AffordAssist as a conditional part of the purchase process. AffordAssist will grant one-time use of the DDA for a ‘low flat-fee’.