Glimmer of Hope for First Home Buyers

Glimmer of Hope for First Home Buyers AffordAssist

AffordAssist Provides Aussies the Chance to Defer and Pay Home Deposit Later

Inflation and skyrocketing home rentals are increasing at a greater rate than household incomes. This means saving for a home deposit has become increasingly difficult for Australians, particularly first home buyers.

Now, Sydney company, AffordAssist is offering an innovative solution to help Australians get into the property market by replacing the need for a typical 10 percent deposit with a deferred deposit solution.

“The great Australian dream of owning a home, has become an impossibility for many with the biggest barrier being the initial deposit. We have removed this obstacle for buyers, allowing people to get into the property market much faster,” said Anthony Aoun.

By providing a Deferred Deposit Agreement between the property seller and the buyer, AffordAssist’s approved lenders and mortgage brokers can offer loans of up to 90 percent. This may include all or part of the deposit, and a no-interest payment plan on the deferred deposit. AffordAssist also offers a list of approved properties.

“Put simply, AffordAssist replaces the need for the full cash deposit. Purchasers can buy today with an initial part-deposit and pay the balance of the deposit most typically within 60 months without interest and they will have 100% ownership of the title,” added Aoun.

Buying a property with AffordAssist can reduce mortgage stress by reducing the loan amount, saving LMI (Lenders Mortgage Insurance) fees; and thousands on interest repayments.

“Eliminating the need for an up-front deposit has been life-changing for us. With AffordAssist we have finally been able to enter the property market. We were paying exorbitant rent, and knew we could afford mortgage repayments, the challenge was coming up with the deposit. This has saved us years of waiting,” said Nadia M, AffordAssist client and homebuyer.

To find out more visit www.affordassist.com

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