Managing Our Property “Mood.”

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For those of you that are not in the mood to buy your property today. This article gives a perspective on managing the noise so you can proceed towards an informed decision; that it is an ideal time to buy a property, especially with AffordAssist. The current mood plays a role for many in whether or not they choose to buy now.

Mood noun – a temporary state of mind or feeling.

What is causing this mood?

The media is only able to influence the readers for a short period, hence the repetitive nature of this method of communication. News about property attracts eyeballs, bad news doubly so.

The mood is not created by the media

For the past 30 or so years in real estate, I have seen many shifting headlines and heard many commentators share their views on the economy and property industry. My sense is that the present mood is not a direct result of the media channels and it never has been. In most cases the media is trying to predict what the mood is. No, I sense as Australians we see and hear where these headlines are going and have deciphered their true motivations. My take is the mood of a family, state, nation or people at a given time is more a delicately balanced level of security. A fickle feeling within us that determines much. Do we feel safe? Do we have clarity of thought? From this mood, a number of feelings are expressed: cautiousness, hope and excitement all contribute to our decision making process. The mood may be created due to the interpretation of the myriad of conflicting signals that surround us, thus also creating anxiety and fear which further fuels the mood. Maybe even mental health concerns, depression and family disunity.

Just not feeling it at present

The reason why some try to shift into a feeling or mood is the need to find comfort in removing any form of doubt and instead replacing this with questionable certainty. This may result in going along with the view of the fickle masses. Making you feel empty. Something is missing. How long can you keep ruminating….?? Not everybody wants to buy a property. Some will argue:
  • that renting is better
  • they are waiting for a better time, maybe
  • they are waiting for an inheritance
  • that someone, somehow, will make it possible with no effort; i.e. the government
  • they don’t have enough cash
  • that investing in the stock market is better
  • the cost of living is too high
  • that others are not doing it

Getting into a mood that will serve your long term interest

A feeling is not something you can buy; i.e. go shopping. Buying a property has many upsides. But trying to focus on the potential equity gain alone may not shift that uncertain feeling for you. Using will power alone may not be enough. You may end up being conflicted, selling the property at a loss. There are a number of techniques and tools that coaches use to help remove the noise and provide clarity. I personally prefer solutions that come from gratitude. I have found that ‘knowledge’ puts goals into perspective. Knowledge also reduces the buyer’s fears and brings proper context to society’s noise. AffordAssist offers regular presentations, you are welcome to attend.

A simple and profound message

We live in one of the best countries in the world. Our economy and real estate industry is amongst the most stable in the world. This is our home. A beautiful country for all of us, and the generations that follow. If we know this then we can change our mood using clear thought. There is much joy in finding the genuine feeling that resonates for you. It feels right. You may rent for as long as you want, invest in multiple properties or buy a home to live in. The important part is that it is YOUR decision not societies. When you are in the mood to buy a family home or investment property, we are here to help. With kind regards, health and prosperity Anthony AounAffordAssist Customer Care Team
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