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New Home Professionals - AffordAssist Approved

About New Home Professionals

Hello Fellow Home Buyer,

If you’re keen to own your own home…Great! I’d love to help you.

Why you ask? Well to be honest – there’s something about the look on a clients face when they get their approval. When they’ve finally made it happen… at finance approval, at land settlement and at hand over of their new home. Even more so if they’ve had to overcome a few obstacles to get there.

You already know the challenges that come with the nomadic rental lifestyle.  You already understand the importance of putting down your roots and securing a place for you and your family to call home….where you can truly be yourself.  The uncertainty with renting, rental increases, and being vulnerable to the vendors situation.

And when you consider the fact that getting in now versus waiting years to save for a deposit, could potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars, fast-tracking the journey simply makes sense.

Having helped more than a thousand families get their own home, I know the difference it can make to your life, and I’m committed to lending a helping hand.  It’s all about saving you time, saving you money and saving you heartache.

How? By keeping it simple… Sharing more than 25 years experience that we’ve formulated into our New Home Program to make sure your journey is a whole lot more simple, easy and affordable.  If you’ve got questions… we can answer them.  If you need help with finance… we’ll find solutions.  If you’re uncertain what step to take next…we’ll guide you.

You can be one of the 1000+ families we’re committed to helping into their own home by 2025.  Don’t be afraid to reach out.  When you’re ready to talk, we’re ready to listen.

Nothing But The Best,

Philip StClair

About AffordAssist

You Don’t Need A 5%, 10% or 20% Deposit

If you are reading this, you are probably dreaming of buying your First Home. Do you find it challenging to save up for your deposit while you are paying rent? In the Australian housing market, this seems to be the only way to buy a house… We are here to help you with an alternative.

Call AffordAssist today, and we will DESIGN YOUR FAST-TRACK – for FREE and with no obligation – demonstrating your potential to buy your First Home sooner and begin your wealth creation journey. We want to help you to get into the market sooner.

You can buy with as little as $10,000

Now that you know it is possible, you have a choice. You can continue to pay rent and wait for perfect conditions, or make a start today with what you have.

Starting to repay your First Home is a huge financial achievement, where your money starts to move in the right direction. You save years of rental payments and your confidence improves along with your future wealth.

Buying your First Home will be a life-changing experience.

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