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sharedsuccess.com.au AffordAssist Approved

At AffordAssist, we are proud to share our expertise in property and finance. We know the additional challenges First Home Buyers face and the information you want to know so you can move forward with confidence. Our mission is truly magnetic. The more we grow, the more we assist. And the response from First Home Buyers and property professionals continues to be fantastic. As we help more and more buyers enter the market sooner, the network of property professionals who are also keen to assist First Home Buyers continues to expand.

An Australia-Wide Network of Expertise

Shared Success can help you find the balance between risk, reward and return through property. Offering Australia-wide coverage, they can assist you to get the appropriate advice to allow you to consider a property investment strategy with an investment term and risk profile that suits you.

‘We are like GPs for financial services,’ says Sydney representative Mitch Brown. ‘We assess a client’s position in fine detail, developing a clear understanding of the specific advice they need to achieve their goals. We save our clients time and money, by referring them to a trusted specialist who is best qualified to provide the advice they need.’

Their network of experts are all suitably qualified and have worked in private, public, listed companies and AFSL environments. Clients from across Australia have benefitted from the team’s experience in developing and implementing property, investment and funding strategies. Shared Success provide bespoke advice to a range of customers, including property investors, mature aged clients looking to unlock their super, and First Home Buyers.

‘It’s not going to get any easier for First Home Buyers, especially in Sydney… Unless you use AffordAssist. This is hands-down the best program to help First Home Buyers enter the market sooner.’

If you are a First Time Buyer, what does this partnership mean to you? Shared Success can assess you position and see if you qualify to purchase using AffordAssist in one of our featured developments – The Emerald, Campbelltown – from as little as $390,000.


The Emerald – Campbelltown Affordable Brand New Apartments1, 2 & 3 Bed from $390,000

View details:
https://www.affordassist.com/the-emerald/ Contact Shared Success to discover how you too can reshape your pathway to prosperity. Remember! If you are currently paying rent while saving towards your deposit…You don’t need a 5%, 10% or 20% deposit. You can buy with a Micro Deposit of as little as $10,000If you moved into your home next month, how much would you save on the rent you would pay while trying to put together a 5%, 10% or 20% deposit?

With as little as $10,000 in savings, AffordAssist can design your Fast-Track, moving you into your First Home so you can start repaying your loan and save on unnecessary rental payments. With Our Warmest Wishes Of Happiness and Success. The team at AffordAssist.

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