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About Housing With A Purpose

Welcome to Housing With A Purpose dedicated to addressing housing affordability and property ownership through:

1. Knowledge is power : Education and mentorship
2. Personalised strategies : Creative and innovative strategies
3. Strong Partnerships : Advocating a way

We are proud to provide an alternative values based service in the property acquisition and private lending industry centred around education and mentorship. ​The outcome of our knowledge base approach, helps give everyday people the confidence to explore their property ownership and investment options. Our community then choose whether they would like to tap into our Ambassador network to help facilitate their goals.

If you prefer to have a sales person, then we are not the right organisation for you to speak to.  For us, we are not about selling to our clients. Our outlook is to equip people with the tools to become property owners or investors. It’s about journeying with them to fulfil THEIR goals with their newly learned strategies so that they can thrive independently. And that is why we are proud to spearhead one of the first property social enterprises in Australia. ​

We also provide virtual content creation, buying and development option for organisation, investors and clients to partner with us as part of a win-win business model that also gives back to a social outcome.

About AffordAssist

You Don’t Need A 5%, 10% or 20% Deposit

If you are reading this, you are probably dreaming of buying your First Home. Do you find it challenging to save up for your deposit while you are paying rent? In the Australian housing market, this seems to be the only way to buy a house… We are here to help you with an alternative.

Call AffordAssist today, and we will DESIGN YOUR FAST-TRACK – for FREE and with no obligation – demonstrating your potential to buy your First Home sooner and begin your wealth creation journey. We want to help you to get into the market sooner.

You can buy with as little as $10,000

Now that you know it is possible, you have a choice. You can continue to pay rent and wait for perfect conditions, or make a start today with what you have.

Starting to repay your First Home is a huge financial achievement, where your money starts to move in the right direction. You save years of rental payments and your confidence improves along with your future wealth.

Buying your First Home will be a life-changing experience.

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