How To Reduce Mortgage Stress in an Increasing Interest Rate Environment

Reduce Mortgage Stress

How To Reduce Mortgage Stress in an Increasing Interest Rate Environment.

The short answer is AffordAssist. A property purchased with AffordAssist may position result in a better outcome under a number of risk scenarios, see below, including rising interest rates.

With AffordAssist:

  1. Alleviate the potential impact of current market volatility in Interest Rates, by extending AffordAssist terms, thus reducing the overall monthly payments;

Example: Extend payments terms from most typical say 5 to 10 years. A Deferred Deposit $98,080 would result in a monthly payment reduction of $817.33

  1. Replace the need for the full cash deposit. Buy with an initial part-deposit and pay the balance of the deposit always without interest. Saving thousands on interest payments.

Example: $800,000 Property Purchase Price, $24,000 SAVINGS over 5 years. It is like getting a 10% reduction on your mortgage interest rate. The term may be extended thus further increasing the interest savings.

Other scenarios; Managing settlement.

  • Protect against your property from failing to settle due to the valuation being lower than anticipated or other unforeseen challenges. With AffordAssist all settlements may be possible.

Additional potential benefits; please visit affordassist.com/about for a fresh look at how AffordAssist may help you manage risk.

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