What is the difference between a typical property sale and AffordAssist

Difference Between A Typical Property Sale and AffordAssist

A deeper dive into why, the AffordAssist help with first home buyer deposit is life changing is also very much about the core fundamental service.

Managing Risk

An AffordAssist Deferred Deposit Home Loan is very likely to yield less risk. Because…

  • AffordAssist is not sales focused:
    • Under a sales model (outcomes may be driven by having to say and do anything)
  • AffordAssist is eligibility focused and features:
    • A proven governance process
    • Customer Care and Approved Professionals that adhere towards a core fundamental service attitude
    • A DDA that offers potential term flexibility
    • The Stakeholders Fund
    • An entirely different outcome for all stakeholders

It is with these core fundamentals that the programs service and AffordAssist Conditional Approval are provided.

AffordAssist recommends that careful consideration be given if selecting an alternative solution to AffordAssist, i.e. vendor finance, personal loan or other developer agreements. These alternatives may in the long term force the sale of your home or investment. A stressful and potentially devastating outcome, in some instances this may lead to financial ruin.

It is not just about buying the property it is also about keeping it, thus creating generational wealth. And, being in the best position to buy another property.

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